Did you used to be Diana Maire Photography?

I did! From 2008-2018 I used my maiden name for my photography business. I found people were constantly misspelling it, and I wasn’t getting emails and missing out on work because people thought my business name was Diana Marie Photography! I finally decided to change it, after all I’ve been married and had a different name for 9 years anyways!

Do you Travel for weddings and photoshoots?

I’m open to it depending on location and timing, although the majority of my weddings are in the Bay Area, with 1-2 a year in the Tahoe area. Portrait sessions are mostly in the Bay Area, with the occasional session in the Redding area when I’m in town visiting family. Anything further from Alameda than 100 miles for weddings, and 25 miles for portrait sessions will have an additional travel fee.

What’s the turn around time for photos?

For portrait sessions I send an online gallery within 2 weeks, for weddings within 8 weeks.

What’s your style of photography?

I love light, airy, playful photos that depict real moments and genuine smiles! I often shoot backlit and love a little sun flare peeking through some trees. I prefer soft, natural light, and rarely do anything dramatic or edgy.

Do you only shoot natural light?

In a perfect location I do, however I sometimes need to add a little light to get things just right. I always bring some flashes and reflectors along just in case and play it by ear depending on lighting and location.