Meet baby Henry!

Meet Henry! He’s an adorable cuddle bug with some fierce determination to get what he wants. It’s just on everyone else to figure out what that is! He’s got a whole lotta chins, and a birthmark in the perfect spot for kissing. He’s had a rough first 11 weeks with some tummy troubles, a hatred of sleep, and demands for being held only met 90% of the day. The way his face lights up with a huge smile when he looks at me is absolutely heart melting, and I can’t wait to see the person he is becoming.

It’s been a rough start, but his fussy phase seems like it’s finally coming to an end and I can breathe again! I’m slowly working my way back from maternity leave, and am doing the occasional weekend shoot, and had my first wedding back last week! Looking forward to being creative and capturing memories for people again!!